Unie elevating events

Hybrid events and virtual events

Release the full potential of your hybrid events and virtual events.

We help event organizers understand what an event can be and maximize best ways of using technology to make it happen.

Hybrid events connect people

Successful Event Experiences Available To All

We believe in a unified world, where everyone has an equal opportunity to participate, connect and feel. By harnessing technology, we create successful event experiences and release their full potential.


Event Data and Analytics Help Reaching Higher

Analytics and data gathered from hybrid events and virtual events help you develop event strategy, monetize events and increase customer experience.

Event analytics

Reliable Event Experiences

Hybrid events and virtual events

Event concepts to meet your goals - from planning to production.

Event Technology

Market-leading event technologies for the best event experiences.

Event Venues & Studios

Professional studios and other venues for hybrid and streaming events.

Case Stories

Examples of successful hybrid and virtual events around the globe.

These organizations have trusted us with their events

These organizations have trusted us with their events

Better event experiences - together