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Let's take your hybrid events and virtual events to the next level.

As one of the most experienced event virtualization agencies, we are a reliable partner to elevate your events. Our customers and partners value production quality, stable technology environments and expert partnership which guarantees successful hybrid events and virtual events.

Event Virtualization Experts

You can find as online and at the VALO Hotel Helsinki or wherever our customers' events take us. Contact us directly or ask for a quote.

Our email addresses are in form of [email protected].

Jarno Wuorisalo

CEO | +358 45 111 2019
Hopin certified host

Niina Lahti

Account Manager | +358 50 4131 598

Jaakko Salminen


Amanda Tuukkanen

Project Manager | +358 50 3779227
Hopin certified host

Susanne Salo

Parental leave | Project Manager | +358 50 5431818
Hopin certified host

Alma Kovanen

Project Manager | +358 50 3636863
Hopin certified host


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