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EventCommunity 365 is a branded event community, which allows you to provide your audience with engaging, profitable and extraordinary webinars and events.

Event Hub webinar registration

Increase your participation rate

Collect participant information only once and provide a personalized link granting unlimited access to your branded EventCommunity including all future events and past recordings.

Event Community 365 is accessible 24/7.

Participants are more engaged when they don't have to provide their information for each event.

Event Hub webinar discussion

Focus on communication

Offer your audience the opportunity to meet with experts and other participants in roundtable discussions, 1-on-1 consultations, or networking carousels before and after the main broadcast.

Involve your team and have them engage with participants face-to-face. This helps to create a more effective and engaging experience.

Event Hub webinars as a service

Focus on your content, leave the rest to us

EventCommunity includes a dedicated producer who manages the Community's operations, assists with event planning, and provides support during the events.

You are responsible only for the content.

Event Hub webinar marketing

Boost marketing communication and sales

All event recordings are available for viewing, and upcoming events can be browsed and bookmarked for personal calendars.

Advanced integrations ensure that events are seamlessly integrated into your marketing communication and sales strategies in real-time. Participant information and leads are collected through analytics and can be automatically delivered to your own systems.

EventCommunity365 is your modern community for webinars, seminars, trainings, and other virtual or hybrid events.


  • More Engaging Sessions

    Events are more engaging than traditional webinars because the audience can participate in roundtable discussions and 1-on-1 networking carousels before and after the broadcast.

  • Single Registration for Full Access

    No separate registration is required for each event; the audience registers for one event and receives a personal link to the entire Event Hub.

  • Reverse Lead Generation

    Event Hub supports automated lead generation and customer management, so you know which events were of interest to whom.

  • Effortless Content Distribution

    Recordings of past events and information on upcoming events are sortable and always available. The audience can laso bookmark sessions that interest them.

Event Hub webinar lobby


  • User-friendliness & Accessibility

    Event Hub is user-friendly, accessible, and operates in a browser (on computer and mobile devices) without any additional plugins. A mobile app is also available on the Apple and Google app stores.

  • Easy Participation

    Participants can access the platform securely through personal invitation links and no separate login or password is required.

  • Branded Experiences

    Event Hub is branded to match the customer's look & feel. Light and dark user interfaces expand the possibilities.

  • In the Right Place at the Right Time.

    When the broadcast starts, the audience is automatically redirected to the broadcast view.

  • Engagement Made Easier Than Ever

    Chat, polls, and other engagement methods are always available. External applications can also be integrated to activate the audience.


  • Advanced Event Analytics

    Event Hub provides comprehensive event data for both the overall event and individual sessions, making it easy to improve event strategy.

  • Extended Integration Capabilities

    The platform integrates with marketing automation systems, making the management of the lead pipeline and marketing communication always up-to-date.

  • KISS

    Event Hub features can easily be turned on and off to ensure the experience is always exactly as needed.

  • Expand Event Experience

    Event Hub can also be used to organize large events such as conferences and trade shows. Ask for a quote!


Service includes a dedicated producer who is responsible of:

  • Configuration and management
  • Community development
  • Event support
  • Event analytics
  • Event planning and scripting support
  • Discussions with platform developers
  • Integration management
  • Event scaling support

Event Hub as a Service or Self-Service

The Event Hub service model takes technical setup and support tasks off your hands.

We maintain the Event Hub, provide guidance, configure, brand and act as event support.

You are responsible only for the content.

Event Hub as a Service

You can concentrate on content, and we’ll handle everything else

  • The service is customizable, so you can also request an offer that suits your needs.
  • Event Hub 12mo.: 690€ /mo.
    12 events
  • Event Hub 6mo. 960€ /mo.
    6 events
  • Additional events: from 390€
  • 1000 event hub registrants are included in the price.
    A registrant is someone who signs into the Event Hub by clicking their personal invitation link. If he attends for example 3 webinars in the HUB, he is still considered as one registrant.
  • Sli.do access Polls, Q&As, idea generation, voting and much else. Perfect for hybrid events, too!
Included in the service
Event Hub branding and initial configuration
Event planning support
Event Hub management
Event configuration

Training and event showtime support
Recordings and analytics reports
Attendee and speaker guides
Dedicated account manager

Self-Service License

For full Event Hub control

  • Licenses starting from: 449€ /mo.

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