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Event Streaming is Always a Good Option

Streaming an event enables a cost-effective way to reach a large audience without the resources required for a physical event.

Streaming an event is also an environmentally friendly and time-saving way for the customer to reach even large crowds.

For a busy target group, participating in a streamed event is easy from their own workstation or home, without the need to travel to the event location.

Streaming an event also enables more effective targeting of the desired audience, allowing the organizer to replace, for example, a trade fair participation with their own tailored streamed event, which includes other virtual event engaging elements.

A streamed event is also an effective way to acquire new customers, as it is easier to participate in a virtual event than a physical event.

At Unie, we specialize in organizing and conceptualizing sales events to ensure that the event's sales goals are achieved.

Streaming an event is just one part of the entire visitor journey, which includes marketing before the event, engaging technology, well-run content, and effective post-marketing.

To capture the customer's attention, the event's communication and content must be well-targeted and offer benefits and value to the participants.

In designing the event concept and content, the customer's needs must be at the center, not the technology or personal preference.

A professional event organizer helps ensure the success of the event and saves costs. We help evaluate where to focus the budget and where costs can be saved.

Event Streaming Tips

  • Define the purpose and goals of the streaming event.


  • Select a suitable streaming platform and test it thoroughly before the event.


  • Choose the right equipment and make sure it is properly set up.


  • Have a reliable and fast internet connection.


  • Plan the content and timing of the event in advance.


  • Rehearse and test the event flow and content.


  • Assign roles and responsibilities to team members.


  • Prepare marketing and communication materials to promote the streaming event.


  • Provide technical support for participants before and during the event.


  • Analyze and evaluate the success of the streaming event, and use the insights to improve future events.
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