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Advanced event technologies for hybrid events and virtual events

We Create Successful Experiences by Combining Technology and Events

As events are becoming more technology-based, our experts bring huge value to your hybrid event or virtual event projects as well as traditional event productions.

We are always on top of the event technology market to provide best possible solutions for your hybrid events and virtual events.

We are a modern event agency and we understand the importance of platform economy in event productions.

Webinar discussions and networking


A branded event community that engages the audience, improves results, and creates participatory encounters as part of marketing communications.

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Hopin event platform


We partner with only the best and most stable solutions, so that you don't have to worry about the customer experience during your events.

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Artificial Intelligence


A generative artificial intelligence that adapts to your event brings completely new ways to entertain, benefit, and produce experiences.

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We Use Only the Best and Most Stable Event Technologies

We partner with only the best and most stable solutions, such as RingCentral Events (ex Hopin) and Airmeet, so that the success of your event can be guaranteed.

Hybrid and virtual events require the best technologies and that’s why we work together with our partners to develop world class services.

  • flexible attendee experience - desktop and mobile
  • high quality streams and remote discussions
  • advanced online studio for remote events
  • interactive meeting rooms with breakout features
  • speed networking
  • matchmaking, scheduled meetings and 1on1 talks
  • virtual expo areas
  • language versions and customizations
  • chat, polls, social walls, lots of integrations
  • fundraising, webshops, forms
  • GDPR compliant
  • advanced event analytics
  • branded events
  • sponsor packages and monetization
  • interpretation features and closed captions
  • free and paid events
  • attendee management
  • Cocktail parties, streams, team days, networking events, sales and partner events, seminars, galas, fairs, conferences, poster exhibitions... you name it!

Hopin Virtual Event Platform

We are a RingCentral Events (ex Hopin) virtual event platform agency in Europe.

Hopin is the market-leading virtual event platform, which provides means to scale events from small local gatherings to huge international conferences as hybrid events and virtual events

Attending a virtual event in Hopin is easy with a computer or a mobile device, navigation can be localized and the whole event can be customized to match your brand.

Our specialists are certified Hopin hosts, which guarantees high quality service to all our customers. 

Scaled server infrastructure is a must to make sure all attendees have an equal event experience no matter where they are.

  • flexible attendee experience - desktop and mobile
  • GDPR compliant
  • high quality streams to main stages or with an online studio
  • interactive meeting rooms
  • speed networking
  • scheduled meetings and 1-on-1 talks
  • virtual expo areas
  • language versions and customizations
  • chat, polls, social walls, lots of tools
  • fundraising, webshops, forms
  • advanced event analytics
  • branded events
  • sponsor packages and monetization
  • interpretation features and subtitles
  • free and paid events
Hopin - stage
Hopin - keskusteluhuoneet
Hopin - kokoukset
Event Hub webinar lobby
Virtual event reception
Virtual expo booth

Airmeet event platform

We are a Airmeet event platform partner.

Airmeet is a cutting-edge event platform designed to make virtual and hybrid events immersive, interactive, and engaging. By leveraging Airmeet's powerful tools and features, we can create a tailored event experience that aligns with your unique goals. Here are some of the key features that make Airmeet stand out:

Airmeet differs from other event platforms with it's visual approach, engagement and gamification features.

We've created a Event Hub concepton Airmeet. Our customers' webinars, seminars and other events are available to their audiences 24/7 via personal magic links.

Event mobile app

Go Hybrid with Mobile

Hybrid events can be virtualized in many ways, but the most simple way is mobile.

Hybrid event attendees can create a personal event agenda, and participate in discussions, 1-on-1 meetings and networking with their mobile devices.

Event streams and on-demand videos can be accessed via mobile devices, and in-person attendees can interact with remote attendees on chat, discussions and meetings.

  • easy and branded mobile application
  • customizable agenda
  • live streams and on-demand material
  • 1-on-1 meetings and b2b tinder
  • chat and polls
  • notifications and news
  • event analytics
  • sponsors and partner features
  • ticket sales

Branded Streaming Services

In addition to interactive virtual event experiences, we offer light-weight live streaming services..

When it's time to provide a light-weight stream for your attendees, a branded and customized stream page with chat, polls, word clouds and message walls is the best and cost effective solution.

The stream page can be embedded into your website or managed as an external page.

Ask more about streaming services!

  • all devices supported
  • one stream or multiple parallel stages
  • partially or fully branded experience
  • chat, polls, word clouds, message walls...
  • scalable servers to manage massive events
  • customizable partner visibility
  • localized pages
  • free and paid events

Better event experiences - together