Unie elevating events

Hybrid events and virtual events

We are highly experienced in virtual events and a modern event organizer. Our clients and partners value high production quality, a stable technology environment, and expert partnership, which ensure a successful event.

Although we specialize in event technologies, we also serve in the planning and production of traditional events..

Event Hub webinar lobby


A branded event community that engages the audience, improves results, and creates participatory encounters as part of marketing communications.

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Hopin event platform


We partner with only the best and most stable solutions, so that you don't have to worry about the customer experience during your events.

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A generative artificial intelligence that adapts to your event brings completely new ways to entertain, benefit, and produce experiences.

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Event Virtualization

Virtual event concepts provide our customers and their event attendees with the best opportunities to meet and experience in online, in-person and hybrid environments.

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Virtual event laptop
Event production

Focused Event Services

We operate from production partnerships to event technology partner and a full-service agency managing the event process from marketing to venue services.

We make event virtualization easy so that you can concentrate in content. 

Preliminary Work

  • goals and KPIs
  • roles
  • technology selection
  • venues and studios
  • registration process
  • pre-event marketing

Before the Event

  • concept
  • scripting
  • event technology config
  • guides and demos
  • rehearsals
  • hosts and performers

During the Event

  • tech support
  • venue support
  • management support
  • attendee support
  • catering
  • offices and accommodation

After the Event

  • post-event marketing
  • feedback
  • analytics reporting
  • post-event meetings
  • event development
  • future co-operation

Ready Event Concepts

We have managed an excessive number of events from small lectures to huge international events with thousands of attendees. We aim to help you understand the perfect concept for an event and how to make it happen. 

Contact us, and let's talk!

  • customer events
  • event hubs
  • employee events
  • sales events
  • recruitment events
  • product launches
  • networking events
  • seminars and conferences
  • fairs
  • scientific poster events
  • training sessions
Event studio
Event data and analytics

Event Data and Reports

Event data gathered from hybrid events and virtual events can be very effective in development of event strategies, commercialization and customer experience.

  • attendee data
  • ticket sales
  • event activities
  • partner and sponsor data
  • content consumption
  • interaction data
  • lead management
  • networking data
  • feedback
  • gamification data

VALO Hotel & Work

We work closely with VALO Hotel & Work in Helsinki, Finland.

VALO Hotel's innovative hybrid work & stay concept combined with modern event services takes your events to the next level both in-person and virtually.

  • webinar studio
  • large event spaces
  • VALO Courtyard Lobby for visual events
  • meeting and office spaces
  • comfortable and professional hotel services
  • catering
  • unique wellness center on top of the roofs of Helsinki
  • excellent accessibility
VALO Hotel for hybrid events
Streaming studios

Professional Studios for Streaming

We have selected the best studios as partners to provide you with the best possible conditions to succeed with your event's streaming requirements.

  • great walls of LED
  • excessive multicam productions
  • when visual is everything
  • greenscreen magic

Music, Hosts and Performers

All show elements provided for your event!

Guarantee your attendees' event experience by booking a professional host, a top artist or a magician who leaves the audience in awe.

Ready-to-show performance concepts from top names and other super talents.

  • artists
  • bands
  • pro hosts
  • standup artists
  • magicians
  • group activities such as virtual escape rooms
  • shows for breaks
Virtual event performers and hosts

Better event experiences - together