AI Interactivity at the Global Entrepreneur Festival

The Global Entrepreneur Festival 2024, streamed from England yet connecting entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe, was an interactive hub aimed at inspiring, connecting, and empowering its audience. The challenge was to create an engaging, interactive experience in a virtual setting.

Our challenge was to bring something special to the table: an AI showcase designed to spark conversations and sharing among participants. Picture this: a big, digital wall where everyone’s ideas about entrepreneurship come to life through AI.

Our part was more than just a tech show. It was a way to make everyone feel part of the community, to see their ideas take shape and share them with others.

It was simple but cool. We trained the AI specifically to understand the context and requirements of the event and do the heavy lifting.

AI Media Wall

Attendees used their phones to scan a QR code and answer one question: “What does entrepreneurship mean to you?” Our AI took these answers and turned them into unique pictures, each one telling a story about that person’s idea – in real-time.

These images didn’t just sit there. They popped up on our AI Media Wall© for everyone to see – in the live stream, on the event platform and in the audience’s own devices.

It was like a gallery of entrepreneurial thoughts and dreams, constantly updating and growing.

AI Short Video

We also had the specifically trained AI put together a video. Evie, the AI, studied all those thoughts and images, and turned them into a narrative video, explaining what the crowd at the festival thought about entrepreneurship.


The AI showcase received a very positive response, marked by a wave of enthusiasm from participants. Read below how Franco de la Croix-Vaubois from Frog Events, who was both our customer and the host of the event, articulated his feelings for how effectively the AI illuminated the unique entrepreneurial journeys of each participant. His expression of being ‘blown away’ tells a story by itself.


Unie AI Engage© on tapahtumaasi mukautuva generatiivinen tekoäly, joka muuttaa yleisön tuottamat palautteet reaaliaikaisesti visuaaliseksi mediaseinäksi tai mukaansatempaavaksi, tarinalliseksi videoksi.


Tapahtumahub365 on brändätty tapahtumayhteisö, jolla sitoutat yleisöä, parannat tuloksia ja tuotat osallistavia kohtaamisia ja tapahtumia osana markkinointiviestintää.

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