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Whether you're looking for an event partner for a meeting, conference, or recreational days, we help with years of experience.

From large productions to meetings, we have organized successful events both domestically and beyond the borders of Finland.

We invest in each event with the same energy and high-quality customer service. 

When organizing an event, content planning, communication, and production may fall on the shoulders of a small team or a single individual.

Therefore, we at Unie want to help in all stages of event production – throughout the entire project.

We take responsibility for the production details of the event, so you can focus on the content of the event with peace of mind..

Expert support throughout the process

The success of your event depends on many factors that do not always directly appear on stage. This includes everything from logistics and technical execution to schedule management.

Our team consists of event production experts, and we offer comprehensive support at all stages of production.

Customized service according to your needs

Every event is unique, and therefore event productions are flexibly executed to meet exactly your needs.

Whether it's comprehensive event production or support in certain stages of production, we are ready to help you.

When we take care of the technical and administrative details of your event's production, you have more room to focus on creative planning and content production.

This way, you can direct all your energy to what makes your event special: communication, speakers, performances, and the experience.

We ensure behind the scenes that everything goes smoothly, so you can create a meaningful and unforgettable event experience for your audience.

Contact us, and let's elevate your events, together.

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