Virtual and hybrid team event

Venue, Equipment, Show, Technology, check.

Let your team's unique experience begin!

Team and employee hybrid events

You can arrange team events in virtual, hybrid or in-person. No matter where your teams are located, offer a unique event experience togehter!

Read five tips for successful team event (in Finnish).


Market-leading, flexible virtual event platform for unique event experiences.

Hybrid event mobile


Top artists, comedians, magicians and hosts for a day to remember.

Hybriditapahtuma tilat

Venues and streaming

Flexible venues and venues and studios, catering and hotel services.

The Most Advanced Event Platform, Hopin

The heart of a virtual or hybrid team event is its event platform.

Everything has to just work in a team event no matter where your employees are located. That's why we have partnered with Hopin virtual event platform It just works.

We take care of the technical stuff and will help you through the whole event process.

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We are a certified Hopin agency.
  • Easy attending from anywhere

    Registration or one-click join, desktop or mobile, anywhere in the world

  • Branding and customizations

    The event looks and feels just the way it should

  • Stages

    Multiple stages, if needed, for streaming with chats, polls and Q&As

  • Discussion session rooms

    Interactive sessions enable interactive meetings, presentations, games and discussions

  • Networking

    Random networking, spontaneous 1-on-1 meetings and scheduled group meetings

  • Expo area

    Live presentations, recordings, slides and interactions

  • Lots of integrations

    Endless possibilities with integrations, such as Slido, Kahoot, Miro, Figma, Mentimeter, Typeform, Snapbar...

Hopin demo stage

Team Event Venues

Professional studios and other venues guarantee perfect and safe opportunities for presentations, shows and talks.


VALO Hotel & Work completes the package with its offering of offices, co-working, accommodation, catering and wine menus. 

Ask more about our venues and studios!

Music, Shows and Hosts

Top artists for your team events!

Make sure your team enjoys the event by booking a professional host, artist, band, standup comedian or a world-class magician.

Ready-made concepts by top artists and other super pros.